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A good party

You can tell I am a real party animal when the best one of Leo’s work Christmas party ever occurred last night – it was the best because I spent most of the evening in some good conversation. (Speaking in loud voices over the band and listening as best I could with my ears strained open)

I was introduced to a guy a bit younger than me who is in the Diaconate program of study at Luther Seminary in Saskatoon.  He is contemplating continuing on for an MDiv degree too and for many of the same reasons that I want to do this.  He finds that in his ministry of caring for people and in developing relationships with them that there are many times when he wants to be able to minister to them with the sacraments but can’t – has to suddenly find an ordained minister who can assist, who pops in to give communion but has no relationship developed with the person.  He feels strongly that giving communion to another is so wrapped up in the relationship between people that this is something he needs to be able to do without having to call another – a stranger – in.

So we talked about this, about what led us to this step, about our children and where they are in the journey towards faith and about things we have learned on our own pathways in the past few years. 

Good conversation makes for a good party.  I think. 

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