Oh No – Oh Yes!

The chocolates have started to arrive at the office.  Three boxes yesterday. 

Chocolate is one of my Big weaknesses.  Good chocolate just melts in one’s mouth – and slides right down to the hips.

I predict some heavy duty dieting once the holiday season is over.  I have very little faith in self control.  I fall victim to me impulses most every time I pass the boxes sitting there on top of the file cabinet.


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3 responses to “Oh No – Oh Yes!

  1. I find closing the boxes or even putting them somewhere else really helps. Also, once I’ve taken one, the dam is breached and there’s much less restraint.

    Just arrange things to help you not to eat them unless you want to eat them.

  2. linealanoie

    I can’t close them. I try to avoid the route that goes right by them. And they are going fast so the temptation will not be around for much longer – they belong to everyone in the office. Otherwise I would be tempted to eat them all myself!