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There are many tasks I need to buckle down and work on the rest of this week. The sermon is coming but it has not come easily. The quiet in my house now that everyone has gone home is good but it is easy to procrastinate and otherwise find ways to waste time.
The computer is a great tool and also a great distraction.

I have a set of photos taken over Christmas posted at Flikr

Now back to work.

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Feeling a little Queasy?

Sickness has been making the rounds around here. Over Christmas first Annette, then David then Kieran – then Kimia and Zaka. Today Ronin threw up. I’m hoping my headache is not something fluish. Most weird is that Leo has broken out in a bright red rash and has no clue what it is from.

Hoping Ronin is well by tomorrow when we drive down to Saskatoon. He and Rachelle fly away early on Tuesday. It is hard to believe that their three week visit is coming to an end.


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I need QUIET. Please!

There are times when I realize that I am pretty much the only solitude loving introvert living in a crowd of extroverted party lovers.

Maybe that is why I am up at this crazy early time. It is quiet. No one else is up for sure. This is beautiful.

Children come home and make my life joyful – for awhile. Chaos can unfold around me for awhile and I will survive – if I have some solitude to help me recover.

Trouble with finding solitude in the wee hours is that it necessitates a nap in the afternoon. That can also be a good thing.


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Merry Christmas


From our house to you! 

Rejoice!  Rejoice! 

Isaiah 9:6 

       For to us a child is born,
       to us a son is given,
       and the government will be on his shoulders.
       And he will be called
       Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
       Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

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It is beginning

To sound like Christmas at my house.  Little voices can be heard.  The family is beginning to arrive.

It smells like turkey.  The ham goes in to the oven shortly.  Tourtiere too. 

I am going for a quick shower and then will lie down for at least ten minutes before stuff begins to happen.

Merry Christmas.

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All is relatively quiet again

Yesterday morning by this time I had already been called away from my patients about four times to respond to an emergency with Rachelle and my car. She took Ronin in for his surgery at 6 am, had no money to pay for the parking lot so parked on the street. The car would not start, she and Ronin were not exactly dressed for the kind of cold Saskatoon was experiencing, keys were dropped, she had to carry a fussy boy through the snow and cold and tempers were short. It was my care so of course – call mom. There was not much I could actually do except muster the forces as best I could from a distance. And of all the days not to be able to get through to CAA – this was it.

Thank God for internet banking, younger and older brothers and a sister- in-law, and everyone who came to her rescue.

Today is so calm. I am very busy at work – just waiting for a patient to get numb at the first small break I’ve had all morning – but no personal crises have called me away to the phone.

Last day of work till the new year. Boy do I need a break.


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All’s quiet

So far tonight it is only Leo and I at home.  After a hectic couple of days with many children and grandchildren around, we are soaking in the peace and quiet and lack of demands put on us. 

Ronin seems to be ready for his surgery on Monday.  Praying he stays healthy  – no colds to cause a cancellation.  And I guess the surgeon is pretty sure that with this surgery, his hand will be fine.  If he decides he wants his fingers to look better later on in life, he will be older and able to make that choice on his own.  One finger a little shorter does not seem to slow him down.

And today, the big event of our year – Patrick’s wedding.


Well, of course he didn’t just get married on his own.  He has a wonderful wife who is very much in love with him as he is with her.  Amanda looked beautiful today.  The wedding service was small but lovely and the reception very low key and fun.  

There are some pictures up on Flikr – not all that great but they are what they are.  There is some proof that either we are not all great photographers or else that we are a challenging bunch to make look good on film.

Now, I believe they head off to the mountains for some skiing and snowboarding.  Hope they come back intact! 


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