Coffee at 4 today. At the Bison again.

Paul and Verena are back from their vacation in Uruguay and looking browner. Laura is looking rounder as a young beautiful pregnant woman tends to look.

The coffee is as good as ever.

Last week while I was out grocery shopping, I almost literally ran into a friend who works with Leo. She and I arranged to get together for coffee today and brought along two other of her co-workers and friends. She seems to be fascinated by the fact that I am planning to go back to school to get my MDiv. Maybe I would be too if I met someone doing this but it does not seem so “romantic” or “fascinating” when I am in the thick of it and it is mostly a steady keep at it, keep refreshing the memory bunch of hard work.

The women I met today are friends first of all because I met them through Leo. They work with him – his harem – or so they call themselves. Yeah and it all has to do with sex. They run the sexually transmitted diseases clinic, HIV programs, Hep C clinics and needle exchange programs. We’ve mostly been to their places for meals and to sit around and talk. One is a bit of a gourmet cook and I am most certainly not.

She also snowshoes and so do I. A very little bit. And I am so badly out of shape that her idea of getting together on a regular basis to snowshoe puts fear into my little pitter pattering heart. I mean, my heart has been known to do the pitter patter flippy floppy thing. I hope she is up on her CPR. Maybe I should carry a defibrillator with me. Or maybe I should just work at getting into shape.

Maybe I should be up there on the exercise bike rather than here at the computer. Maybe I will.


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