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The "Murder House"


That’s how he described it.  No kidding.  That was the place they sent you to get your dental work done back when he was a kid in school in New Zealand.  That’s what all the kids called it.

And he says he can’t remember them ever using local anaesthetic to numb the pain.  Figures they were trying to save money since it was a government program.

But then he admitted that he didn’t really know for sure if that was true.  The “Murder house” was across the school yard.  He had to cross an open field to get there when they sent for him.  The open field was a perfect opportunity to escape.


And to think that I admired this program when it was touted as the example of a wonderful public school delivered dental program. 

I expect his memory of it is a bit colored by fear.  But his story provided us with an occasion to laugh this morning and that was good.

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