When I get tired

… I get very critical and cynical.  I can almost stand outside of myself and watch my heart grow icicles and sharp points that no one wants to get too close to.  I don’t even want to get close.

I recognize this happening to me this week.  I am very tired.  I think my sinuses are also beginning to act up which is not pleasant to consider – or feel. 

And tonight at practice, I was just not really into doing music.  I hung in there but …

I will post something again when I’ve had some sleep; when I’ve maybe caught up a little.  Hopefully.


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5 responses to “When I get tired

  1. chelle

    i am so like you. its scary!! and i mean that quite literally , luv ya any way rachelle

  2. Sleep well Linea.

    Tiredness makes me somewhat harsh and critical. Sometimes nerves get jangled by it, and that makes perception of what’s real, difficult.

  3. Joye Kindrachuk

    What is wrong with we “Dice” girls…we always try to do too much. I hear you Linea.

  4. Try to get some rest, Linea. You don’t want to be sick for December!! Take care.