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Looking forward to work

Today has been one of those very full days. Got to church earlier than usual to get the coffee on, practiced, worshiped God, led the youth class, cleaned up the coffee stuff and headed home.

Today I lunched alone. Leo headed off to the office to put in a few hours there – he’s a workaholic you know.

But part of the reason was that I had to leave pretty quickly to do my part for the orchestra. We were playing at the Festival of Trees which is a big fundraiser for the local hospital. So, I got there in time. Had to carry my bass across a busy street since there was no parking close. There are times when I regret having such a large instrument. This was one of them.

I also regret being the only bass in the orchestra. You have no idea how much difference another bass player would make. There would definitely be air bowing moments. There were a few non-bass moments as it was – no one to cover my mistakes. I figure silence is better than a horrible clash of sounds.

By the time I got my instrument back into my car I was tired. And there was still the meeting with the Livingstones which I wanted to go to.

So tomorrow when all I have to do is work is going to seem quite relaxing I think.

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