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Maybe I should just go to bed

I guess this is just one of those weeks  that seems endless and terribly busy.  It’s Wednesday already so half the work week is gone.

Before I know it Christmas will be here and I am in no way ready for that big event.  It is a  big family event and it is good but for some reason it makes me feel tired this year.  I am very glad  that Rachelle is coming home for a few weeks.  I hope she will help  me make some goodies, decorate the tree and help make the tourtiere. 

I am on call this week too so maybe that is part of the busyness at work.  There have been a lot of emergencies added to our regular schedule.  Emergencies are always such an unknown.  There is always a certain amount of paperwork so if they are late at all, some of the appointment time is gone.  Then I have to figure out what their emergency is.  Sometimes it is not an emergency at all but some vague pain in the tooth stimulated their brains to equate any sort of discomfort with toothache and thus to the patient it is an emergency.  Therefore, being a diligent dentist with diligent staff, they are fit into the schedule – somewhere. 

Add to that a weekend  that had no breaks for me, a council meeting last night, trying to meet a deadline that I set for my next quiz in Greek in order to keep up and meet my goal of when I want to complete the course, too many late nights combined with waking up too often in the middle of the night or too early in the morning – and I am becoming so very tired. 

Oh, yeah, and I am trying to practice hard at the Christmas carols the orchestra is playing for our local Festival of Trees. 

I guess my tiredness is well earned. 


Maybe I should just go to bed.

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