Winter is here it seems

I  went for a walk again tonight.  The snow has stopped falling leaving a couple of inches of pure white magic on everything.  Including the streets.  Of course it is more slippery and dangerous on the street than on the path.  And I was walking with my trusty winter grips on my shoes.

It was so quiet.  Really not cold – hardly at all. 

It seems as if winter is likely here to stay and it is time for snow to cover up the rather dowdy looking stripped bare trees. 

The snow tonight was beautiful and the temperature as well.  Perfect for walking. 

I do not look forward to the bitter cold days.  I know they will come.  But so will Spring in – only 6 months.  6 months – half the year.  Might as well make the best of winter.

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  1. Pictures, I need to see some pictures of the place with snow!


  2. Linea

    You shall have pictures. But it is dark out there still – and was last night.