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Thirty Two

Just got of the phone from wishing my second son, David, a Happy Birthday.

I still remember the night.  I’d ben in labour most of that Sunday and finally, in the dark of the night, everyone medical at Karawa gathered in the private maternity suite. Kerosene lamps were lit, Leo and the others began playing cards, (Rook of course, it being a mission station) and I lay there wondering how long the ordeal was going to take.  No fetal monitors, no monitors of any kind that I can remember. Sheesh – no lights or power even till the last the stage . The power plant was started up at the bitter end so the delivery was not done in the dark. Al the mission station knew I was having my baby since the power plant went on!

And then David arrived. Leo had the audacity to take some photos. I had the wisdom to destroy them.

Happy Birthday, dear boy of mine.

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