We are old

A few mid-night thoughts.

I wish I knew why it is so hard to go back to a state of peaceful sleep when I wake in the middle of the night. Wish the mind would return to sleep mode at the flick of a button. Alas…

And since I didn’t stay up till the results of the election were irrevocably clear, my question to Leo when we both woke at the same time was what the results were. Obama is it then. Good.

We are old – when we ask about election results and no other more interesting thoughts arouse us in the middle of the night!

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  1. Marc and I are old when we’d rather sit on the couch and eat nachos and cream cheese/salsa dip WAY too late at night and start a movie than go upstairs and do a certain calorie-burning activity in the bedroom…

  2. Linea

    Now, that I wouldn’t call old – just comfortable. Just give yourselves 30 or so odd years. Then you won’t even think of any sort of calorie burning exercise.

    On second thought, we did think of it but then reality set in. (We had to get up in the morning, etc.)