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It is curious how things get stuck in a person’s mind.  Like a sticky key on a keyboard.  You try to get away from it but it does not want to let go.  Keeps repeating itself.


In my mind anyhow.


So, yesterday, I lost a button off a sweater.  My favorite orange sweater.  Big square unique buttons.  They were one of the features that drew me to the sweater – that and the unique knit pattern.  And the color.

My mind is stuck.  I keep going over where it may have fallen off.  I noticed it when I came back from shopping.  I had put on an outer coat since it was pretty cold yesterday and I needed a bit extra coverage to keep the wind out.  I doubt I will ever find the lost button but that does not keep my mind from searching for it. 


Reminds me of the parable of the lost coin.  I wonder if people get stuck in God’s mind like my lost button has in mine.  Wonder if he just keeps looking for them till they are found or till… maybe he always keeps wondering when they will come home even if they never do. 

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