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Halloween was very quiet around here

But there were a couple of special little trick or treaters that showed up.


First came Kimia.  halloween 2008 005


Then Zaka.  A fearsome Count Dracula.  I think I’d let a little vampire like him get into my heart.  Well, I guess he has already.

halloween 2008 020

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Hanging out

Today was a pretty light one as far as work goes.  So I went home at noon and worked a bit on my Greek homework and then, after my afternoon stint up at Vincent Massey School, I ran some errands, picked up a few groceries and headed down to The Bison. 

Friday afternoons at the Bison. 

The last event of my Friday afternoon most weeks.  Good coffee and sometimes a treat like a Florentine to top off the week.  And talking.  Kind of like the whipped cream on dessert.  Not really essential to life but it sure made it sweeter.  And richer.  And I grew.  Good talk does that to a person.  Especially faith talk. 

Just writing that makes a lump come to my throat.  ‘Cause I miss it terribly.

But the memories are good and I will move on from these days to new ones and new memories will grow.  And, I expect, there will be new relationships and experiences that stimulate me to grow some more. 

For now, in this sort of transition time, I have been taking along my Greek and as I sit there enjoying some of the best coffee in the world, I’m also going over my vocabulary and noun rules hoping they will lodge firmly in my brain.  It has been a good to sit in this quiet place to rest from the week, slow down and let some Greek soak in.  Just hanging out in a good place.

Maybe it will become a talking place for me again someday.   

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