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Ahhhh Parties

We had a party tonight.  It was our annual Family Advent Program with the usual astonishing talent and this year it was followed by a catered finger food (ie:wings and ribs and wraps and lots of sweet stuff) meal and games night.  I think Pictionary was the biggest hit.  We had a good evening together simply enjoying each other’s company.



And Roger had a great time – even caught up on reading the paper.  I swear this is his favorite activity!


Among the musical greats doing their stuff was Massa with an animated version of one of the latest Lingala Christmas tunes,


the Vandersluys Family Singers,


And Meself trying my best to bow some tunes out of my new bass.  (You can tell I am concentrating by the serious look I have.) 


There are more pictures which I will post over on Flikr.


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Before the Friesen’s moved out to the field, I asked Lauralea if she would create for me a finger labyrinth that I could use in prayer. I love walking a labyrinth, praying as I go in to the centre, sitting in the centre with my needs in God’s presence, waiting on him there and then going out with some sense of resolution.

Our winters don’t make walking an outdoor labyrinth too practical for such a big part of the year and the space required to set up an outdoor one means there are only a very few around – none in our city. The space needed for an indoor walking version is also huge and I don’t know of any facility in town that has had one set up, even temporarily. So, I think the finger version that she made me, although it means that only my finger actually walks, is practical and will be used often.  And it also reminds me of her as I use it.  Good memories.


This morning I “walked” it again.

It struck me that with a labyrinth, the way to walk is so clear. There are no wrong turns to take. In this labyrinth I will not get lost. I walk towards the centre and my finger follows a well planned path; one I can feel, one that hems me in so that I stay on the right way. This morning as I was walking, I needed to be reminded that God knows my path as clearly as my finger knows the right way to move along the labyrinth’s path. I have questions about my future plans to which I do not see the answer. As I sat with God in the centre, I realized that he can hem me in and guide me along the right way just as the ridges of this labyrinth guide my fingers. So that was my prayer as I traveled out and as I begin my day.

God, hem me in. Guide me on the right path. Warn me when I begin to wander. Give me wisdom in my choices. May all my movements be consistent with who I am in you, with who you are to me. Amen.


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Coffee at 4 today. At the Bison again.

Paul and Verena are back from their vacation in Uruguay and looking browner. Laura is looking rounder as a young beautiful pregnant woman tends to look.

The coffee is as good as ever.

Last week while I was out grocery shopping, I almost literally ran into a friend who works with Leo. She and I arranged to get together for coffee today and brought along two other of her co-workers and friends. She seems to be fascinated by the fact that I am planning to go back to school to get my MDiv. Maybe I would be too if I met someone doing this but it does not seem so “romantic” or “fascinating” when I am in the thick of it and it is mostly a steady keep at it, keep refreshing the memory bunch of hard work.

The women I met today are friends first of all because I met them through Leo. They work with him – his harem – or so they call themselves. Yeah and it all has to do with sex. They run the sexually transmitted diseases clinic, HIV programs, Hep C clinics and needle exchange programs. We’ve mostly been to their places for meals and to sit around and talk. One is a bit of a gourmet cook and I am most certainly not.

She also snowshoes and so do I. A very little bit. And I am so badly out of shape that her idea of getting together on a regular basis to snowshoe puts fear into my little pitter pattering heart. I mean, my heart has been known to do the pitter patter flippy floppy thing. I hope she is up on her CPR. Maybe I should carry a defibrillator with me. Or maybe I should just work at getting into shape.

Maybe I should be up there on the exercise bike rather than here at the computer. Maybe I will.


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Losing it I think.

If I were an angry an impulsive person, I would take that stupid phone that is set on alarm and that I can’t figure out how to turn off and smash it on my hard ceramic tile floor.

It is not my phone.  This is not the first time the problem has occurred.  The problem has even been discussed!

Patience and self-control where are you?

This has not been a good week for my good qualities to shine. 

But the phone still exists so I have some self control left.  I think.  Unless it rings one more time.


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The "Murder House"


That’s how he described it.  No kidding.  That was the place they sent you to get your dental work done back when he was a kid in school in New Zealand.  That’s what all the kids called it.

And he says he can’t remember them ever using local anaesthetic to numb the pain.  Figures they were trying to save money since it was a government program.

But then he admitted that he didn’t really know for sure if that was true.  The “Murder house” was across the school yard.  He had to cross an open field to get there when they sent for him.  The open field was a perfect opportunity to escape.


And to think that I admired this program when it was touted as the example of a wonderful public school delivered dental program. 

I expect his memory of it is a bit colored by fear.  But his story provided us with an occasion to laugh this morning and that was good.

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When I get tired

… I get very critical and cynical.  I can almost stand outside of myself and watch my heart grow icicles and sharp points that no one wants to get too close to.  I don’t even want to get close.

I recognize this happening to me this week.  I am very tired.  I think my sinuses are also beginning to act up which is not pleasant to consider – or feel. 

And tonight at practice, I was just not really into doing music.  I hung in there but …

I will post something again when I’ve had some sleep; when I’ve maybe caught up a little.  Hopefully.


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Looking forward to work

Today has been one of those very full days. Got to church earlier than usual to get the coffee on, practiced, worshiped God, led the youth class, cleaned up the coffee stuff and headed home.

Today I lunched alone. Leo headed off to the office to put in a few hours there – he’s a workaholic you know.

But part of the reason was that I had to leave pretty quickly to do my part for the orchestra. We were playing at the Festival of Trees which is a big fundraiser for the local hospital. So, I got there in time. Had to carry my bass across a busy street since there was no parking close. There are times when I regret having such a large instrument. This was one of them.

I also regret being the only bass in the orchestra. You have no idea how much difference another bass player would make. There would definitely be air bowing moments. There were a few non-bass moments as it was – no one to cover my mistakes. I figure silence is better than a horrible clash of sounds.

By the time I got my instrument back into my car I was tired. And there was still the meeting with the Livingstones which I wanted to go to.

So tomorrow when all I have to do is work is going to seem quite relaxing I think.

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