So, here I sit,

and it is late and I am all alone tonight.  Leo’s off in Vancouver and Patrick made a trip to Saskatoon for his marriage preparation session.  I’ve been out at a great concert.  Now I should just go to bed.

But I am thinking about tomorrow.  I’m going to put a call in to North Park Seminary and see  if the course of studies that I would like to take fits with and MDiv program.  They offer the classes I’d like to do as one of their specialized streams. 

Christian Spirituality.  What a subject to dig into. 

And me being a non-phone person, will I be able to articulate what it is I am being led towards and why I want to do this with any sort of clarity? 

I guess I will find out.  Tomorrow.  Or soon as I can reach the right advisor.

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  1. You will do well…..praying…..

  2. Are you switching seminaries already?

  3. Linea

    Marc, I’m still not sure. It will depend on the program. I’d like to get a specialization in Christian Spirituality or Spiritual Theology and so I am exploring what my options are.