For the Master of the House

I have to tell you a funny story. I think even Leo will admit that it has some humor, ‘cause it is about him. But then he never reads this blog anyway.

Leo travels a lot. And he has many meeting to attend in town. I hardly can keep track of exactly where he is. So last night we had a bit of a mishap.

Leo was in town. I knew that. He was holding a clinic that went very late. I didn’t know that. I thought, when he was not home yet by 6:30 that he must have had a meeting – one of his occasional supper meetings. I figured he had told me and I had forgotten.

When I got home I had decided to cook up some sausages that had been sitting in the fridge for a few days along with some waffles. So at about 6:30 Patrick and I began to eat. We finished. Patrick finished all the sausages(he is a bottomless pit) and set the frying pan to soak in the sink.

Then in came Leo.

A Frenchman and his food should not be parted when he has had a long hard day especially. But there you go. The sausages were gone. Every last one of them. The uneaten waffles had been packed up in a sip lock bag and stored in the fridge. Leo was so mad he could have blown a gasket! You would have thought that we had deprived a starving child of his last meal!

It took a while to calm him down get the waffles out and suggest peanut butter as a reasonable substitute for sausages.

Later on we laughed.

But I think Patrick learned a lesson in keeping a wee morsel in reserve for the master of the house!

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