More Good Byes

Today we said good bye to Meg.  Meg joined us one Sunday following a joint Good Friday service just after she had moved to Prince Albert.  That Good Friday our worship group was leading the music.  I still remember the day.  I was still pretty fresh at playing my recorder in public and was pretty nervous.  We played one of Megs favorite songs and she came to check out our church the next Sunday and stayed.

Meg has given so much of herself to us at Gateway Covenant.  She joined us on the worship team playing guitar.  She’s participated in a small group.  She has blessed us with speaking and she has shared with us her work with Wycliff as she has worked on the Cree translation.  She has become a friend.

Now she is moving on – out to Nova Scotia and to another First Nations group – The Micmac people. 

We really are going to miss her.

If I knew how I would cause this posting to have a bright purple background.  Alas, I’m not that smart. 


There have been too many of these good bye things these days. 

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  1. …and every time I see something Purple, I think of her.

    That’s a good legacy i think.