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Its Blowing

We must have some weather change coming.  It is blowing some sort of weather in from somewhere.  It rained this afternoon and I was surprised that it did not comedown as wet snow. If we had snow we would be having a blizzard.

While I was off serving at the Soup on Saturday, Patrick was left with the job of packing away some of the summer furniture and things.  I think we’ve just done that in the nick of time. 

It has been too long since I have been out for a walk.  Why I was attracted to walking tonight, I am not sure but I needed to get out under the sky, out in the fresh and blowing air.  The rain stopped, I finished some other work I had to do and although it was already dark, somehow it was just perfect. 

On my way back towards the house, I stopped and leaned against the huge tree in the park across from the house.  The large spruce was bending next to me.  The wind had long since stripped the branches of the big maple of all its leaves.  Even so the wind was moving it.  I could feel the huge branch move behind me as I leaned on it.  I felt its movement and I wondered if it felt a gentle push back from me as I leaned into it.  I seemed little and the wind and tree so powerful.  Walking back at last, across the pavement, the wind was scattering leaves before it.  I tried to listen to their sound.  It was as if small chips of wood were being thrown against glass, almost like the sound of a heavy freezing sleet.  I guess we will get that soon enough.

It was good walking tonight. 

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