I know what I’m getting for Christmas!

I picked it out myself – well sort of.  Maybe it picked me.

It was orchestra tonight and once a year the group has its annual meeting.  That will be next week.  While Dean, our conductor, was getting ready, I overheard him say, "We’ll have to sell our basses" 

My ears caught that remark.  You see, I have been sort of keeping an eye out for a used bass to buy since last Christmas.  The one I use is rented and it does not have the quality of sound that I would like a bass that I buy to have.  So, I have just kept on renting and looking.

This just seems perfect.  The bass he is selling is quite a beautiful instrument – a light honey brown and has nice sound.

A bass of my own! 

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  1. Now you tell me Linea, how on earth are you going to play the recorder AND the bass on Sundays….well, I suppose there are ways, come to think of it. Just not at the same time….

  2. Linea

    A one woman band!

  3. I once saw a busker play three recorders simultaneously (it was a polyphonic tune obviously). He played one with his mouth and the other two were played with his nostrils. So don’t limit yourself until you try it!