Not sure

that learning the Greek alphabet inspires deep theological thoughts – or any other kind of thought that I can write about.

It is kind of fun so far.  Writing out my letters like a kid in grade one.  Learning the sounds each letter makes.  Returning to terms like "dipthong" and "diaeresis" (that is not a descriptive of a bodily function) and reviewing things such as vowels and consonants sure does feel like school though. 

I am hoping the memory does not fail miserably when it comes to vocabulary.  I guess I will know soon – that is the next chapter.  And every chapter from here on in till the end.

It will teach me humility and perseverance however.  And on top of that maybe another language.  An ancient one that I will not likely ever speak. 

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  1. So, if I hear you making weird noises to yourself, it will all be Greek to me.