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Learning my alphabet

Tonight I began delving into the pages of my textbook and workbook for the Greek class I am taking.  One of the really helpful things is that it comes on CD’s as well and I can download the lectures onto my iPod.

Tonight I began learning the alphabet.  Its not totally unfamiliar since so many Greek letters are used in math and science.  Tonight I was working in my little workbook writing out the letters like a little schoolgirl.  I actually have to know (and remember) what the letters sound like though, not just how to draw them. 

Oh, God, restore my memory banks please. 

Maybe the two glasses of wine after work clouded my thinking – or maybe it was good for me to sit and laugh with the staff that stayed for the wine and cheese.  I think maybe the laughter helped me recover from a very busy day.  And the cheese made a good supper. 

Now to bed.  Its been a long day.

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