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I managed to change the picture on the blog header – with some minor glitches that I actually was able to figure out.  Things were looking a little blank earlier.  It has been one of those days.

At work we had people lined up it seemed and we were trying to help these guys who have totally neglected themselves.  It seems a bit as if they wait till they are desperate till they come in.  So we do our best, we decide that somehow in the next fifteen minutes we are going to achieve anesthesia,have the tooth out and the patient on their way, getting the room ready for the next patient.  Only sometimes – well – all the great plans fall through and the extraction requires some extra surgery or the patient doesn’t get numb as fast as we hoped.  Then all of a sudden we have four more patients lined up and we are a bit behind.  At about 4:45, all of a sudden everyone has been cared for and we are shutting down right on schedule, surprised that the afternoon went as well as it did. 

Not only was it a busy day at the office but after work I swung by the store to pick up milk and wraps so that I could make supper and leave some food in the cupboards for the boys who will be dropping in over the weekend. 

Then home for a quick supper, packing up my bass as I eat and finishing my packing for the weekend.  To orchestra practice then up to the bank, to the gas station and car wash.  Dropped a book off at the church, returned home, vacuumed out the car and loaded up my stuff into it.  Randall drives it out to Calgary and after a meeting tomorrow, I fly out there to participate in a leadership retreat. 

I also started something which I hope will be the beginning of a rewarding pursuit.  I signed up for Introductory Greek.  Distance learning.  I may be crazy but it seemed as if for me this was the place to start. 

And I realized that this is not going to be a cheap endeavor!

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