Morning coffee

I normally make good strong coffee at home but this morning I had some errands and needed to get my car up to the Honda people early for an oil change and such. So, I stopped in at The Great Western Coffee for a mocha. I like ti that they have free wifi too.

Its 7:30 now and beginning to get busy. I’ll leave in a few minutes but it is sort of good to sit here in relative quiet, in a different place than home, posting to my blog.

A lot has gone on in the past few days and lots of my family has been home. I’ve been the babysitter and chef and hostess and it has all been good. Nea was dedicated and it is good to see my kids take this step with their children. God has been good to me. I haven’t always felt that way about my kids but I see His goodness more clearly with time. He hears me when I place them in His hands.

Now off to work.

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