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Weekend visitors

Tonight on my way home, I stopped at the daycare and picked up Zaka.  He is staying with us overnight so that his mom can go down to see her brother and sister for a birthday supper and some partying.  She turns 21 next week.  i think she is a pretty awesome mom and Zaka is a pretty good little guy.  He is getting ready for bed now and watching Dora on his DVD player. 

After supper we were watching the CFL game.  We were all rooting for Winnipeg – cause of course if they won it moved the Riders up in the standings.  Zaka loves to watch sports and he kept chanting, "Go Blue, go!"

It has been a fun evening and now Dave and Annette and their kids have arrived so we are getting to have a houseful.  It will be a busy weekend but it will be good.  A nice change from a big empty house.  Sometimes even a baby’s cry is welcome noise.

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