Limbering up the claw

Well, orchestra started again for me tonight.  This year the conductor mercifully chose music that was more at the beginner level.  Many of the top players have moved on.  Jenelle, our lead bass is teaching in Belgium for a couple of years.  Another has gone away to school – flight school no less.  That leaves me and one other bass player.  So far she has not come to practice. 

That leaves me.

Not terribly promising if you want a strong bass section.

I am not strong.  Sometimes the terms he uses are like Greek to me.  Who knows, maybe they are Greek.  And since I have not done a lot of practicing over the summer, I pretty much sucked tonight. 

Even my bass claw seems to have stiffened up and the old ring finger wants to get in on the action and should be quietly lining up with the middle finger. 

It just seems such a busy year so far.  I though I would maybe dispense with the Monday night lesson and see if I could keep up on my own.  I guess I may need to reconsider that!

So, I return from orchestra feeling lousy – like a failure, like I will never get it right.  And this is supposed to be fun.  Maybe instead of a pity party I just need to use my time wisely and practice every chance I get.

Yeah, I think that is it.  By the end of the year I will be better.  I know.

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  1. Joye Kindrachuk

    Good for you for keeping on with the bass! You are such an optimist. I would probably just quit.

    Have a good day. Joye