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Well, Randall says this last meeting with him was subdued.  Not sure how to say good byes with a lot of joyful feelings.  We still laughed but it is a bit hard to do that while swallowing the lump that creeps up to the back of the throat from that place just behind the sternum where it sits too often these days.

It is hard to come to the end of a really good relationship even though we have to trust that God knows what he is doing in this place.  Still, it has been ten years and how do we wrap us ten years and come to some sense of closure in a couple of months.  It is just hard work, this working through of saying goodbyes and starting to move into a place of new beginnings again. 

I guess there can be no new beginnings unless we are willing to risk leaving a previous place of relative security.  And maybe that is partly what God does to us.  He has good things in store for our future.  We just don’t know yet what they are going to look like – although we see some interesting ways that God is moving in our midst. 

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