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Since Friday, I have been in Saskatoon for the annual Scientific Session of the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan.  It was quite the gathering this year – being attended by a record number of people.  I think almost 800 were registered.

Usually I don’t bother to go.  I’m not big on the golfing aspect that usually takes up the half day before the scientific sessions start.  And I am not big on the partying that makes up the evening activities.  For the past few years the topics covered at the convention have not been of particular interest to me either and since I didn’t need the continuing ed points, I did not see much reason in going.

I am glad I went this year.  Dr David Sweet spoke on Thursday.  Topic was Forensic Odontology.  Sort of a more realistic version of CSI, but for real.  I found it fascinating.   Today, I listened to a talk on the Swissair disaster and the role of dentistry in the identification of victims.  Fascinating again – to me. 

I think I am coming to the conclusion that there is not going to be enough length to my span of years to learn everything that I find fascinating. 

Now I am back home, going over tomorrow’s talk for church.  The sermon.  And also reflecting on how good it was to spend overnight with my kids and grandkids in their home where I feel so comfortable.

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