Oh, Election Mode!

What a lot of junk mail elections generate!  I can’t say that most of it influences me to vote for the party that sends it out.

We got a flyer this week that to me appears to be full of half truths designed to distort the thinking of average Joe Citizen so that the party in power will gain their support, or keep it and increase it.  The flyer shows a tattoo "Not on Your Dime" and talks about the perks given to prisoners. 

Hey, everyone is against crime, right?  Therefore criminals should be deprived of all privileges and punished more severely.  So this government is appearing to come down hard on crime.  That should gain votes for sure.

If that is what they want to say, they should come out and clearly state that.  Without manipulating the reader to suppose that the proposed tattooing program in prisons is just about perks for prisoners.  It was proposed as a way to cut down on the transmission of disease as well as a way of teaching safe tattooing methods for those wanting to get into this field – if they aren’t already – when they get out. 

Just be honest, dear government leaders.  Tell all sides of what the proposal meant.  Don’t try to manipulate us into voting for you.  Give us some good stuff that will improve our society.  Don’t play on our fears and prejudices.  We get too much of that anyway.

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