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The day begins

Got a stupid phone call in the middle of the night – 2:30 am – from someone who must have been drunk as a skunk. 

Lost about two hours sleep after that. 

And today is going to be busy.

Give me energy for the day
Help me to see clearly
Make my hands steady.

Though I am tired,
Give me an alert mind
Words that reflect your wisdom
And your love.

I am going to need you near me today, God,
And you promised.

For the honor of your Name
Help me live up to the name I have chosen as mine
To follow. 

Today, Lord, just one moment of grace at a time,
Till rest comes at its end.

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That was a long day

Began with prayer – for our church at our church at 7ish.  Ending with prayer for a hurting daughter just minutes ago.

Lots of work and busyness in between.  One assistant still quite sick so extra busy at work.  Work day ending with a meeting. 

Then straight up to Mama Mia.  A good old popcorn supper that cost as much as a good sitdown meal.  Lots of fun with good friends.

Now bed.  I am needing some good sleep.

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