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The problem of evil

This will probably sound like a strange post but…

Sometimes adults do things that are so tainted by evil. Running up against these things in people that previously were highly esteemed is hard. It shatters our sense of trust and confidence. We see them succumbing to the temptations of power and money and not even being aware that these things are eating out their very souls. Evil is not always blatant but can be subtly pervasive in its corruption.

It makes me aware of my own need to stand openly before God and others and to live a transparent life. I’ve lived long enough to know that I could succumb to the same pressures that bring others down and that I too could hide it – from everyone but God. But then there comes the almost inevitable series of unforeseen events that seem to bring selfish acts out into the open.

The way we adults live in this world must make God weep. What harm we can do to our children and the world we are leaving them!

It makes me realize that seeking God and living in ways that are right and pleasing to God should be always kind of at the top of my priority list. I also think that it takes a community effort to keep on track, to keep me accountable and true. I guess that should be the way the church works in this world. I hope we (the church) don’t fail to love each other enough to keep each other on track. I think that God wants to use his people to bring healing and health where evil tries to get away with destruction.

As I said, this post may seem to be dealing with a strange and obvious issue in rather non-specific terms. I guess I’ve just come up against a real situation I find baffling and sad.

And it has made me think.

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Around Here

Drove to Saskatoon yesterday to meet Patrick and Amanda – returning from their trip to Africa and Europe.  I guess Amanda was very sick while in France, so that part of the trip was not terribly good.  Africa was not good for them either.  Two very tired people now.

They have some recovering to do.  From a lot of different things.  And I feel at a loss of where to begin to help.  I can, however provide Patrick with a quiet place to sleep and recover from jet lag.  So that is where I am starting. 

Sorting out the stories will come in due time.  For that I am going to need love, patience and lots and lots of wisdom. 

And Patrick just asked if he could turn up the heat.  He’s going to have to re-acclimatize too.  Of course it was only 2 C out here this morning.

Around the house today it will be quiet.  Leo is down south watching birds with Eric and Michelle and Kimia and visiting Paul.  Sara is down in Saskatoon watching her boyfriend play in the Provincial soccer game.  Everyone else is off in their spaces doing their own things.  I will take advantage of the quiet to read and stuff.  And maybe it is time to pick up my bass again.  I am also beginning to think about writing and painting. 

I  also need to upgrade this site and make some of the a things at the top of the page work like they should – or at least as I had envisioned them working.  I wish I could learn how to do some of that more on my own because I don’t get things done very well when I have to think ahead and make arrangements for someone to help me.  Partly that is because I hate to bother people already busy with their own lives but mostly because I don’t plan ahead very well.  Then I end up with some extra time when I could do stuff like this but ….  well, you see the problem.

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Last Friday Off

It is great to have a day off – like today.  The sad thing is that this is probably my last Friday off for several months.  In two weeks time, school will have started and I will be back to doing dental check-ups for the kids at school enrolled in the school dental program.  I enjoy that when I’m doing it but it leaves me little time off from dentistry.

So, today, I had better do some things I enjoy.  I have errands to run and I wonder if there will be much time for anything else.  I also plan to run down to Saskatoon to welcome Patrick and Amanda home after their visit to Africa.  And there are some errands to do while I’m down there too.

This week has been full.  We did have a good meeting with our potential buyer for the dental practice.  I think he would like to buy the practice but maybe not for what we have evaluated it as being worth.  We know we have a great practice but the cost of buying any practice, let alone ours, for a new grad is bound to be pretty intimidating.  So, we are exchanging thoughts on the value of the practice and the value of the building.  Then we wait. 

We are sort of in the waiting phase for a lot of things.

Then, there are concerns for people, some ill and not wanting to be, so being stubborn about that.  I think that Christians should not ignore the normal physical warning signs that our bodies give us, preferring that God speaks to us or writes signs across the sky before we can accept illness as a fact and start taking the steps doctors advise.  It is frustrating to see a friend doing this.  I would like her around for a few more years to learn from her how to listen to God in my life.  But this kind of stubbornness with regards to her own health is not anything I want to imitate.

On the other hand, I think I have managed to go for a good long bike ride everyday this week.  It is good to just get out and ride.  It becomes a time to talk to God and I like the kind of communication that we carry on during my time outdoors.  There is something about this prairie sky that I ride under in the evenings that displays God’s creative power in unique ways.

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Today seems as if it is a big day – in the sense of potentially important.

The building appraiser came by this morning.  We’ll have a report from him in by the end of the month on the value of our building and land. 

Tonight we sit and talk with a couple of young guys that are interested in our practice.

And we want so much for this to go through.  Sure it means a few more years of work as a transition happens.  It seems hopeful.  But we’ve been hopeful before and it is hard to let oneself hope too hard for something that is uncertain still.  As if, in such intense hoping we somehow act against our hopes.



Well, Marc and Toni and anyone else that reads this I guess,

I am getting tot he age when I would like to retire.  Retiring is not just a matter of one day saying, "I quit" and walking out the door when one owns the practice and the building.  So, Roger and I have been looking for someone to buy the practice for the last couple of years, having our practice evaluated, etc. 

And we have a couple of young guys who are sort of interested.  They are not finished school yet but if they commit to purchase, we’d be able to retire in about three years or so.

So, that’s what is happening.  I guess I have been living with this so much on my mind that, although I haven’t blogged about it, it seems as if I have.

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Hey, we made the news!

The Covenant News at least. And that is not bad. Check it out here.

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Confessions of a closet speaker

I spoke today in church as Randall is away on vacation. My text was Romans 11:1, 2a and 29 to 32. I guess I would have to say that I also incorporated some of the verses in-between as well. My topic was on how we are grafted into the old story – the old covenant that God established with his chosen people; how important it is for us to know this history that we now have our roots in as well, how those ties with this old story of faith enrich us and nourish us as branches grafted in by our faith in Jesus. Well, there was lots more said and the details I may post over under my words section.

I have a confession to make – I like speaking. I like preparing and the way it takes me deeper into my study of the Bible. I like the way God shows up and guides me along as I delve into the scriptures.

Romans is a book pretty heavy with theology. If nothing else it stimulated my awareness that it is a subject I would like to know more about. I wonder if this interest in theology arises out of my own awareness that God is way beyond my understanding. So then, why bother trying to understand God? I am not sure why but it feels a bit as if he/she is beckoning; inviting me, if you will to discover more.

This is a bit of the sense of the “weirdness” that I alluded to in an earlier post. I find myself in a period of unsettledness, as if I am waiting for the next step to become clearer.

I am trying to take things one day at a time, being attentive to what God is moving me towards. I could jump in and start into a next project but I am still not sure if a new project is what I need – or what God wants for me. How do I respond to this itch in me, this drive to move towards something more? It is pretty much retirement time and why develop these desires now of all times in my life? And there are also all the other parts of my life that lay claim to some of my time. So, I am trying to be reasonable and patiently await a bit more clarity as to what the future might hold.

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Psalm 67

May God be merciful and bless us.
May his face smile with favor on us.

May your ways be known throughout the earth,
      your saving power among people everywhere.
May the nations praise you, O God.
      Yes, may all the nations praise you.
Let the whole world sing for joy,
      because you govern the nations with justice
      and guide the people of the whole world.

May the nations praise you, O God.
      Yes, may all the nations praise you.
Then the earth will yield its harvests,
      and God, our God, will richly bless us.
Yes, God will bless us,
      and people all over the world will fear him.

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