Special deals

You’d think I had advertised a 10% off for Christians day at the office. First 4 patients were definite yeses – if I’d popped the faith question.

Seems as if a lot of young people are heading back to Bible college somewhere and are making sure their mouths are cleaned up!

And from the genuine nice behaviour of some other patients, I think they might have answered yes if the question was popped. And the one young woman that we gave a new smile to yesterday came in really smiling and happy so that was a huge blessing to me.

So far – a great day. Now we will have to see how the young children of Christian parents do late this afternoon. I’m not counting on smiles if they are like my grandchildren. But I can hope. (Of course I would never judge the faith of the parents by the behaviour of the children – should I?) 🙂


The kids belonging to the perfectly wonderful mother were likewise perfectly wondeful. Way to go Luke and Madeline!

Yeah the cranky pastor was not too badly behaved either.

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  1. Thank you!

    (I’ll say it now, since there may be too many tears for ‘thank-you’s later.)


  2. hey how did that cranky pastor do??

  3. Linea

    Not too bad. And you can always redeem yourself next time.