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Routines;  we get tired of being stuck in them but when we have been out of them, it sure feels good to get back to them.

That is kind of what it feels like around here these days.  It seems as if the routines of fall bring some kind of groundedness back to my life.  So, it felt good to get up and go to work this morning.  It kind of feels good to talk about getting Sara packed up and off to school.  It feels good to be looking at starting up music lessons and orchestra again, getting back into the regular schedule of meetings, etc.  And this week seems to be a bit on the full side of all of those things.  I got out my bass and tuned it up this weekend and now must get back to practicing in earnest. 

I think I will miss my own course work but I have already discovered a really good book that I am almost finished and want to read again because it was so full of stuff that resonated with who I have become – The Power of Solitude by Annamarie Kidder.  And since I only borrowed this one, maybe I will have to buy it because I heard that her son wants to borrow it too.  It is one that I think I would like to own so that’s okay I guess. 

I’m also looking forward to getting back to meeting and talking with people – listening mostly.  I find that I love the kind of listening I am able to do as a spiritual director.  No better way to spend an hour than listening for the movement of God in a person’s life.

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