The problem of evil

This will probably sound like a strange post but…

Sometimes adults do things that are so tainted by evil. Running up against these things in people that previously were highly esteemed is hard. It shatters our sense of trust and confidence. We see them succumbing to the temptations of power and money and not even being aware that these things are eating out their very souls. Evil is not always blatant but can be subtly pervasive in its corruption.

It makes me aware of my own need to stand openly before God and others and to live a transparent life. I’ve lived long enough to know that I could succumb to the same pressures that bring others down and that I too could hide it – from everyone but God. But then there comes the almost inevitable series of unforeseen events that seem to bring selfish acts out into the open.

The way we adults live in this world must make God weep. What harm we can do to our children and the world we are leaving them!

It makes me realize that seeking God and living in ways that are right and pleasing to God should be always kind of at the top of my priority list. I also think that it takes a community effort to keep on track, to keep me accountable and true. I guess that should be the way the church works in this world. I hope we (the church) don’t fail to love each other enough to keep each other on track. I think that God wants to use his people to bring healing and health where evil tries to get away with destruction.

As I said, this post may seem to be dealing with a strange and obvious issue in rather non-specific terms. I guess I’ve just come up against a real situation I find baffling and sad.

And it has made me think.

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