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Around Here

Drove to Saskatoon yesterday to meet Patrick and Amanda – returning from their trip to Africa and Europe.  I guess Amanda was very sick while in France, so that part of the trip was not terribly good.  Africa was not good for them either.  Two very tired people now.

They have some recovering to do.  From a lot of different things.  And I feel at a loss of where to begin to help.  I can, however provide Patrick with a quiet place to sleep and recover from jet lag.  So that is where I am starting. 

Sorting out the stories will come in due time.  For that I am going to need love, patience and lots and lots of wisdom. 

And Patrick just asked if he could turn up the heat.  He’s going to have to re-acclimatize too.  Of course it was only 2 C out here this morning.

Around the house today it will be quiet.  Leo is down south watching birds with Eric and Michelle and Kimia and visiting Paul.  Sara is down in Saskatoon watching her boyfriend play in the Provincial soccer game.  Everyone else is off in their spaces doing their own things.  I will take advantage of the quiet to read and stuff.  And maybe it is time to pick up my bass again.  I am also beginning to think about writing and painting. 

I  also need to upgrade this site and make some of the a things at the top of the page work like they should – or at least as I had envisioned them working.  I wish I could learn how to do some of that more on my own because I don’t get things done very well when I have to think ahead and make arrangements for someone to help me.  Partly that is because I hate to bother people already busy with their own lives but mostly because I don’t plan ahead very well.  Then I end up with some extra time when I could do stuff like this but ….  well, you see the problem.

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