Last Friday Off

It is great to have a day off – like today.  The sad thing is that this is probably my last Friday off for several months.  In two weeks time, school will have started and I will be back to doing dental check-ups for the kids at school enrolled in the school dental program.  I enjoy that when I’m doing it but it leaves me little time off from dentistry.

So, today, I had better do some things I enjoy.  I have errands to run and I wonder if there will be much time for anything else.  I also plan to run down to Saskatoon to welcome Patrick and Amanda home after their visit to Africa.  And there are some errands to do while I’m down there too.

This week has been full.  We did have a good meeting with our potential buyer for the dental practice.  I think he would like to buy the practice but maybe not for what we have evaluated it as being worth.  We know we have a great practice but the cost of buying any practice, let alone ours, for a new grad is bound to be pretty intimidating.  So, we are exchanging thoughts on the value of the practice and the value of the building.  Then we wait. 

We are sort of in the waiting phase for a lot of things.

Then, there are concerns for people, some ill and not wanting to be, so being stubborn about that.  I think that Christians should not ignore the normal physical warning signs that our bodies give us, preferring that God speaks to us or writes signs across the sky before we can accept illness as a fact and start taking the steps doctors advise.  It is frustrating to see a friend doing this.  I would like her around for a few more years to learn from her how to listen to God in my life.  But this kind of stubbornness with regards to her own health is not anything I want to imitate.

On the other hand, I think I have managed to go for a good long bike ride everyday this week.  It is good to just get out and ride.  It becomes a time to talk to God and I like the kind of communication that we carry on during my time outdoors.  There is something about this prairie sky that I ride under in the evenings that displays God’s creative power in unique ways.

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