Today seems as if it is a big day – in the sense of potentially important.

The building appraiser came by this morning.  We’ll have a report from him in by the end of the month on the value of our building and land. 

Tonight we sit and talk with a couple of young guys that are interested in our practice.

And we want so much for this to go through.  Sure it means a few more years of work as a transition happens.  It seems hopeful.  But we’ve been hopeful before and it is hard to let oneself hope too hard for something that is uncertain still.  As if, in such intense hoping we somehow act against our hopes.



Well, Marc and Toni and anyone else that reads this I guess,

I am getting tot he age when I would like to retire.  Retiring is not just a matter of one day saying, "I quit" and walking out the door when one owns the practice and the building.  So, Roger and I have been looking for someone to buy the practice for the last couple of years, having our practice evaluated, etc. 

And we have a couple of young guys who are sort of interested.  They are not finished school yet but if they commit to purchase, we’d be able to retire in about three years or so.

So, that’s what is happening.  I guess I have been living with this so much on my mind that, although I haven’t blogged about it, it seems as if I have.

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  2. Yes, me too! Seems like there is a big gap in here somewhere?