Frost family reunion

DSCN1492 I arrived back at home by about 4pm local time.  Zaka traveled so well.  Seven and a half hours of traveling is long for an adult, let alone an almost 3 year old.  The DVD player sure did help make his trip easier.  I think he must have the cars movie pretty well memorized by now!  Its his favourite and the fact that he received a gift of two little cars from the movie while he was at the reunion made his day – made his whole weekend, I think. 

The reunion was fantastic.DSCN1500 

It was very relaxing.  Nobody got too stressed over the glitches in the schedule – although the cinnamon buns which were a couple of hours late – well.  If they hadn’t been ssooo good when they arrived we might have been upset.  Instead they simply became brunch and we didn’t eat lunch.






There was no hectic schedule.  The only event that has a time attached to it that had to be respected was the golf game.  I hear that everyone that golfed had a good time.  I enjoyed babysitting so that Michelle could golf and Kimia was a perfect angel for me – really. 

I think Zaka’s favourite activity was blowing bubbles and he made some great ones.  We all had fun with that.  He met a couple young cousins that he had great fun with. DSCN1516 And Trent was so good with him and the other little kids!  And then there was Glen – he has grand fathering in his blood!  




I think I am blessed to have this kind of family in my heritage. 

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