Family reunion coming up

Tomorrow I will head out east to Manitoba, along with Zaka, to the Frost family reunion.  The family place is Minnedosa but there aren’t many Frost’s around that neck of the woods these days.  And it is not as if one can book a Hotel there and use some sort of conference facilities – there is only one rather small and basic hotel in town.  Well, I suppose there are some rooms in town over the local bar but we are not really the boozing type and well – I have heard from reliable sources that there are occasionally creatures in such places that make one itch.  Not good.

So this year we are all going up to Covenant Heights Bible Camp for a few days.  The weather should be nice and that lake is beautiful.  The beds I imagine will be campish – bunk beds I suspect.  Since there is a fair to good chance that there will be no romantic encounters in a bunk bed, I figured this would be a good time to take Zaka along for a little outing with Grandma and Grandpa. 

So I am packed.  Batch of cookies made.  Snacks packed for the road.  DVD player.  Bathing suits.  Insect repellent.  Books and computer to work on my talk for next Sunday. 

Won’t likely do much blogging.  I can’t imagine that there is any wifi up in the bush.  It will be a good break.


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  1. SharonK

    Bless you as you go. We’ll connect next week.