Sore Feet, Good Times

I guess I should have expected to get sore feet today. We spent most of the day walking or standing it seemed. About 4 hours were spent by Leo and I over at the Field Museum. We spent a bit extra on an exhibit about weather but got a deal when Leo had the audacity to ask what was the age for seniors! We are really too young for that but the nice young woman said, “I’ll give you the seniors rate anyway.”

I never have wanted to look under age so badly before! It’s coming, I guess.

The Field Museum is huge. There is no way that a person can see it in one day. We spent most of our time in the storm exhibit and then went over to the birds – giving way to one of Leo’s special interests. Then on to a few of the big mammals and down to the tiny exhibit on insects – to show a few things to Kieran. I have some pictures that I will post later when I get back home. Its just a bit complicated to do on another person’s computer – for me anyway.

Chicago has this free trolley system that serves most of the downtown sites. It was great for getting to the museum in the morning but after waiting over half an hour to make our way back down to Navy Pier, we gave up and took a taxi. I’m glad we did since it probably saved us another hour of standing waiting.

From Navy Pier we went on an architectural boat tour of Chicago. This is one I would highly recommend. It was still pretty sunny so I may be a bit on the burnt side but it was great to sit down and take that tour along the Chicago River and absorb some history along the way.

Now we are back home. My feet are sore but we had a great day. I have wanted to do this with Leo ever since I started this course. With his weight loss, it has become not just possible but a reality.

Tomorrow will bring a new adventure – maybe shopping.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy yourselves, after all of your hard work!

  2. Tammy

    Sounds like a really nice time. Congratulations to you both. You’ve accomplished so much! Time to celebrate.