In Chicago

So here I am in Chicago writing a post which I will put on my memory stick and then transfer to a computer at school tomorrow. Technology is sometimes cumbersome. I think if I were here long enough I’d figure out how to access the wifi at the seminary – but it hardly seems worth it for the few days I have left when the computer room is open to us whenever. It just seems there hasn’t been much time or energy for anything but class. Now, I think all my presentations are done. I did my devotional today. Things have gone well as far as that goes. Then I got back to where I am staying and there is a message that one of my daughters has chipped a tooth. So I have to find out what is going on with her. These things would have to happen when I am out of town!!! See how things fall apart when I am not around? At least the weather here has been great. No hot humid unbearable days yet.

And Leo gets here in two days. That will be nice.

You know, I haven’t actually taken a single picture yet. My head must be too full. Neil asked me in one of our peer group sessions what image came to mind and there were none up there in my brain. Maybe listening to lectures and stuff puts in more words than images!

I need to get back to appreciating images.

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  1. Joye Kindrachuk

    Of course things fall apart when we are not at home. We mom’s keep everything together. We are the glue.