They said…

"This is very full week; please come as rested as possible and minimize activities outside of the program."

Right about now I am thinking "What on earth are these Yahoos thinking!" as I am desperately trying to finish up the preparations for the summer course.  Paper is about done – it is as good as it is going to get, I think.  Peer group supervision presentation – just starting that.  Dream written out.  I think it will do.  Not like I dream often.  Devotional time prep – barely started.  Some reading left to do. 

Two days left. 


Wonder which of those days I will get some rest so I can be "as rested as possible?"

Oh, yeah.  I suppose I should take some clean clothes too and maybe leave some groceries in the house for those left behind – that means shopping.  Last minute visit to my aunt, pick up some supplies for her.  Promised a visit to see my grand daughter.  Am still on call. 

Maybe I can sleep on the plane. 

This year I just feel a tad rushed.

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