I was up too late

I was up too late last night babysitting.  Ronin woke up.  Didn’t cry but he was awake.  This was from 1:30 till about 2:30 when his mom got home.  I find no joy in being up at those hours but she was dancing and having fun.  I guess she needs a night of fun every now and then. 

This was after the birthday party for Kieran.  The rain prompted a sudden change in venue to my house so about 20 or so, maybe more or friends and family feted with hotdogs, chips and pop, and of course cake and ice cream.  He got more gifts than any kid needs.  Today was quite fun watching him try to catch bugs and identify them with the insect book Leo picked up for him.  A real insect book – no kid stuff.

Today Leo did something that a year ago I never thought he would ever be able to do or have the energy to do – he took both Zaka and Kieran for a walk to the park, looking for bugs on the way.  The three entomologists!  What a huge and wonderful change the lap band surgery has helped him achieve.  As I tell this story, I actually feel full of good and overcoming emotions.  It is so good to see Leo enjoying life so much.

Between kids and grandkids I also had to fit in some studying.  There is more to do and only one week left. 

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  1. It is so good to hear that the surgery is showing such promising results. I hope to see the change myself some time!


  2. I agree with Jamie, although I’m unlikely to see Leo in the ‘flesh’. It’s great he’s re-establishing himself this way.

  3. Linea

    Toni, You might get to see us in another couple of years. 2010 will be 40 years of marriage for us. We are thinking of a trip to Europe, visit old friends there, spend a couple months seeing sights we never had time for when the kids were small.