The end of a week of vacation

The last few days of my week and a bit off were spent at Anglin Lake.  Rachelle and Ronin, Zaka and Grace and I were camping.  We found a beautiful spot beside the lake, at the headwaters of the Spruce River (otherwise known as the Little Red River) in a pretty basic camping ground – out side toilets and no running water.  They really could use a good well since the closest drinking water is a good 5 Km’s away.  But the closeness to the lake and the beauty and quietness of the spot made up for this small inconvenience.DSCF0121

The spot is also not really great for swimming so we drove down the road a short distance to Jacobson Bay to the beach and playground. 

Monday was very hot but our stay at the beach was interrupted by a sudden rain shower in the middle of the afternoon. 



DSCF0102 It seems that this is the time of year for all mothers to take their children swimming but… 

we discovered that Zaka is terrified of the water.  Really scared.  He wouldn’t even walk out on the dock.  I picked him up without thinking that he would be so scared and his little body stiffened with fear. 



So here he is – enjoying the water toy!  This is about as close as he got.  Wouldn’t even put his toes in to get them cooled off.DSCF0098



His favorite saying this weekend whenever we did something that displeased him was, "I’ll tell my dad."  It was funny in a sad sort of way, since he probably hears this from other kids at day care.  His dad is not exactly around for him to tell much to, unfortunately. 

We spent Canada Day by taking a little jaunt up to Waskesiu.  Had lunch by the Waskesiu River and took a short hike during which time we battled thousands of mosquitos.  We all had bug spray on but for Zaka and Grace it didn’t seem very effective.Zaka is so allergic to them.  He’ll need Benadryl tonight.

We had planned to spend this day which was forecast to be hot and sunny on the beach but it was so windy and cold that we cut the beach time pretty short. 

Now all that remains is the unpacking!

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