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Twice in one day

We visited the Olive Garden yesterday – twice. The first time was after a shopping trip to a local mall.

It is good that I do not have any extra room in my suitcase or I would have been tempted to spend a lot more money. I don’t know that it is stuff I can’t get at home, really, but the variety to choose from is huge. Anyway, Leo brought just a tiny little bag so no extra room there. Too bad. I could have done a lot more shopping. We did spend enough time in a big bookstore to satisfy the bookaholic tendencies we both have.

And last night we re-visited the same restaurant with different friends. We pulled together a gathering of old missionaries and sat around a table sharing old stories, new stories and laughing like we used to in the good old days.

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Sore Feet, Good Times

I guess I should have expected to get sore feet today. We spent most of the day walking or standing it seemed. About 4 hours were spent by Leo and I over at the Field Museum. We spent a bit extra on an exhibit about weather but got a deal when Leo had the audacity to ask what was the age for seniors! We are really too young for that but the nice young woman said, “I’ll give you the seniors rate anyway.”

I never have wanted to look under age so badly before! It’s coming, I guess.

The Field Museum is huge. There is no way that a person can see it in one day. We spent most of our time in the storm exhibit and then went over to the birds – giving way to one of Leo’s special interests. Then on to a few of the big mammals and down to the tiny exhibit on insects – to show a few things to Kieran. I have some pictures that I will post later when I get back home. Its just a bit complicated to do on another person’s computer – for me anyway.

Chicago has this free trolley system that serves most of the downtown sites. It was great for getting to the museum in the morning but after waiting over half an hour to make our way back down to Navy Pier, we gave up and took a taxi. I’m glad we did since it probably saved us another hour of standing waiting.

From Navy Pier we went on an architectural boat tour of Chicago. This is one I would highly recommend. It was still pretty sunny so I may be a bit on the burnt side but it was great to sit down and take that tour along the Chicago River and absorb some history along the way.

Now we are back home. My feet are sore but we had a great day. I have wanted to do this with Leo ever since I started this course. With his weight loss, it has become not just possible but a reality.

Tomorrow will bring a new adventure – maybe shopping.

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Preparing for the end

It seems too close to the end. I was sharing with a classmate that I am not very good at endings – at good-byes. I’ve had to say good-bye too many times in my life and so I have let myself become steeled to the process. I pack my feelings up tightly inside and dismiss them. But they are not really dismissed – they are smothered but hang on to a bit of my insides – down there where hurt rises when it is least expected. Maybe smothering the deep sense of loss that comes with good-byes, especially of people that I may never see again, cuts me off from them too early. As I said, I’m already preparing for the good-byes and we’ll be together all day and part of tomorrow.

I wonder who I would be if I could let the sorrow of separation show.

This morning the feeling of sorrow sits on my chest like a heavy weight. Maybe I have grown up enough that I don’t have to be strong for anyone and hide what I really feel. It will hurt to say good-bye and none of the platitudes about “it’s only for a season” or “we’ll try to keep in contact” will make it easier. This is something I have to go through.

And I am just thinking as I reread this – “What a crappy post!”

I am glad Leo will be here tonight. I need a hug and a real big shoulder to lean on.

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In Chicago

So here I am in Chicago writing a post which I will put on my memory stick and then transfer to a computer at school tomorrow. Technology is sometimes cumbersome. I think if I were here long enough I’d figure out how to access the wifi at the seminary – but it hardly seems worth it for the few days I have left when the computer room is open to us whenever. It just seems there hasn’t been much time or energy for anything but class. Now, I think all my presentations are done. I did my devotional today. Things have gone well as far as that goes. Then I got back to where I am staying and there is a message that one of my daughters has chipped a tooth. So I have to find out what is going on with her. These things would have to happen when I am out of town!!! See how things fall apart when I am not around? At least the weather here has been great. No hot humid unbearable days yet.

And Leo gets here in two days. That will be nice.

You know, I haven’t actually taken a single picture yet. My head must be too full. Neil asked me in one of our peer group sessions what image came to mind and there were none up there in my brain. Maybe listening to lectures and stuff puts in more words than images!

I need to get back to appreciating images.

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They said…

"This is very full week; please come as rested as possible and minimize activities outside of the program."

Right about now I am thinking "What on earth are these Yahoos thinking!" as I am desperately trying to finish up the preparations for the summer course.  Paper is about done – it is as good as it is going to get, I think.  Peer group supervision presentation – just starting that.  Dream written out.  I think it will do.  Not like I dream often.  Devotional time prep – barely started.  Some reading left to do. 

Two days left. 


Wonder which of those days I will get some rest so I can be "as rested as possible?"

Oh, yeah.  I suppose I should take some clean clothes too and maybe leave some groceries in the house for those left behind – that means shopping.  Last minute visit to my aunt, pick up some supplies for her.  Promised a visit to see my grand daughter.  Am still on call. 

Maybe I can sleep on the plane. 

This year I just feel a tad rushed.

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Reading and writing

I am a bit bogged down in homework.  Reading and writing.  Some days the thoughts seem locked inside and there is no time to sit and let them ease their way to the surface.  It all must be completed by Saturday. 

I wish I could retreat to a quiet place and think.  Just think.

But that is not likely to happen, seeing as I am on call and had to add an extra 4 people to my schedule today already.




Oh,yes, and where do I see God in this day?  I’m hoping that I will have time to notice ’cause I’m pretty sure he is here.

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I was up too late

I was up too late last night babysitting.  Ronin woke up.  Didn’t cry but he was awake.  This was from 1:30 till about 2:30 when his mom got home.  I find no joy in being up at those hours but she was dancing and having fun.  I guess she needs a night of fun every now and then. 

This was after the birthday party for Kieran.  The rain prompted a sudden change in venue to my house so about 20 or so, maybe more or friends and family feted with hotdogs, chips and pop, and of course cake and ice cream.  He got more gifts than any kid needs.  Today was quite fun watching him try to catch bugs and identify them with the insect book Leo picked up for him.  A real insect book – no kid stuff.

Today Leo did something that a year ago I never thought he would ever be able to do or have the energy to do – he took both Zaka and Kieran for a walk to the park, looking for bugs on the way.  The three entomologists!  What a huge and wonderful change the lap band surgery has helped him achieve.  As I tell this story, I actually feel full of good and overcoming emotions.  It is so good to see Leo enjoying life so much.

Between kids and grandkids I also had to fit in some studying.  There is more to do and only one week left. 

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