In Silence

For the next week and a bit I will be on vacation.  I think it would be right to call this a holiday where the time away can be called holy – although if one looks, the sacred can even be found in days at work.  I am going to spend the next week in a retreat house doing a retreat called Praying with the Mystics.  I am not sure if the whole retreat is a silent one but I know that at least one day will be spent in silence.  And there is a lot of reading and thinking and writing to do to prepare for the final intensive week of the spiritual direction course this summer.

Silence will be good. 

I will emerge from the retreat house to go to the Cirque de Soleil show on Wednesday – a Mother’s Day gift from my son and his family.  That, too, will be very good.  And I will connect with some friends when the retreat is done. 

Time with God and time with friends.  A holiday can’t get much better than that.  I guess some spectacular scenery thrown in would be awesome – but I will have to settle for Saskatoon.  Which isn’t bad, just it isn’t necessarily spectacular, at least till God throws a fiery sunset across the sky.

So posting will be very quiet around here over the next week.  It’s OK.  I don’t know that anything I’ve said here lately has been terribly profound.

I need a break from work.  I need time and space and quiet to think and hear God. 

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