Two in a Row

This is too common an occurrence.  Two guys, doubt they care much about the state of their dental health although they have underlying medical conditions that should make them more prudent, come in with lost fillings.  the most common reason for a lost filling is decay around an old filling so that the structure of the tooth around the filling breaks and it falls out.  Kind of like saying the windows fell out of the house when the house has rotten timber.  New windows won’t fix the problem any more than a new filling plopped into the hole in the tooth.  It requires a major overhaul of the tooth most of the time and sometimes the tooth is just too far gone to save. 

The other option is me doing what is commonly termed "herodontics"  where I try heroically to save a tooth that has hardly a hope in hell to survive.

So, here I go.  Wonder what I will attempt this time.

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