The day began early – that’s how it goes when a garage sale is going on. Also Leo left at 6 for a meeting in Davidson so I was up for that. He did bring me coffee in bed this morning though.

My contribution to this humongous garage sale is childcare. For the most part it went fine. This morning we played in the livingroom. I have one end barricaded off with the sofa and the other with a baby gate so Ronin can’t escape. We have too many stairs and they are hard to block off. Then we all went for a walk in the park – interrupted towards the end by a call from the security company that monitors the office. So I went running off to check on that – all was fine as I suspected. No idea what set it off.

Made lunch and fed the shopkeepers, then played some more.

Later I decided that it would be fun to take Zaka to a little fun house for kids. It was the first time we’d been. Got to the door – carrying Ronin and dragging Zaka by the hand to read on the door “all persons must wear socks” Back we went to the car. Strapped both kids(now crying) back into the car seats and drove to the closest store. Grabbed a shopping cart, unbuckled the kids and loaded them into the cart. In we went and out we came with Zaka’s pick – some Spiderman socks. Pretty cool. And the ride in the shopping cart was a hit for both kids.

Buckled up again for the two block ride back to the fun house. Unbuckled and went in, Zaka proudly wearing his new socks. I was wearing sandals – I ended up purchasing a pair of socks which I discovered they sell at the door for unprepared people like me. Also paid for Zaka and myself. Ronin was free.

I had no idea that Zaka would be so hesitant to interact with strange kids. He refused to try any of the climbing and sliding equipment so he spent his time in the area for really little kids with me and Ronin. He seemed to have a good time but it was an expensive treat considering it consisted of crawling around on foam toys and he might have had just as much fun at home for free. I think he needs to go with someone who is a bit braver and more agressive socially.

It was a good day of just being a grandmother. But entertaining and hauling around a couple of kids is tiring work.

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  1. Peg

    next time you decide to try the fun house with Zaka you could give us a call. Mykayla is just the right age for accompanying little ones and playing with them. She would have loved to join you and help you entertain.

  2. Linea

    Peg, Next time I will most certainly do that. I think that would be good for Zaka too.