A sweet day

This morning I headed out to Anglin Lake.  It is one of my favorite spots.  Very quiet most of the time and today was no exception.  I settled into a spot at the picnic site with my screened shelter that I acquired a bit earlier this year. (one of the better purchases I’ve made this spring)  I had some books and a not too bad chair and my lunch for the day.  And my Honda CRV has a stow away table in the back that is perfect to work at.

The day was sunny off and on.  Enough so I got a bit red.  There were a couple of good thunder showers to cool things off too.  The shelter gave me enough protection from the rain that it still was nice to be outside even in the storms.

I went out to be quiet.  Silence is what I was needing.  My mind and heart seemed to need some rest and some space to reconnect with God.  It is so much easier for me to connect with God out in nature – just me and God and the world he made.  And this particular lake seems to be one of those places for me where God is near.  I’ve gone there to meet with him before.  In fact, I try to get out to that spot every year.  One day is hardly long enough but when one is hungry, a morsel tastes pretty sweet.

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