I have discovered that the very dark Dove chocolates are the perfect pick me up at the end of a long day.  They are too dark to pig out on.  They melt in my mouth.  One is enough – well, maybe two.

Tonight, I put one in my pocket(well, two actually) when I left on my bike ride.  I stopped and sat a bit by the river.  And ate those chocolates.  They are wrapped in their own special deep red foil wraps that have little sayings written inside.  Little bits of wisdom to savour with the chocolate.

One said, "Reread your old poems."

I think I shall do some of that.  My old poems were often conversations with God.  I need to revisit them maybe.

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  1. And they’re antioxidants. You better have another.

  2. Dark chocolate also has several health benefits, so you are feed body, mind and soul!