When there is a perceived threat to part of one’s body, how important that part suddenly becomes.  At least in how that part is perceived and no longer taken for granted. 

On Tuesday, I began to notice a tiny line like a stray hair that drifted across my left eye.  It wasn’t noticeable enough to impede my sight but was noticeable enough that I noticed it.  I tried to wipe away the hair or film on the surface of my eye but found no stray hair, no reason that I could tell for it being there.  No pain though.  So I kept on going not terribly alarmed. 

I don’t recall that I noticed it after work that evening.  But it was there again the next day at work.  I think it had to do with the light coloured walls in the office and the white page on the computer screen.  In a jumble of colours I did not notice it.  However since it seemed not to be a figment of my imagination, was something new and was not going away on its own, I called the ophthalmologist, who squeezed me into his schedule on Thursday afternoon.

So, yesterday, after attending Patrick’s convocation where he was granted his BA Honours, we headed back home so I could get to my appointment and so Leo could put in a few hours of work. 

My eyes were thoroughly checked and my hopes that this was just a floater and no retinal detachment were realized.  What a relief. 

A person gains a new appreciation for the sense that is threatened.  On Wednesday, I remember looking up at the soft white clouds in the sky thinking of how much I would miss seeing the world around me if my sight were to go.  How much I would miss reading.  How I would miss seeing people’s faces. 

I now live with a renewed sense of wonder at my sight and all that it brings into my life.  I guess it is good to be reminded of these things every now and then, even if it is scary to be brought to this point.

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